Scrambler Motorcycle: What it is, characteristics, and types

Scrambler Motorcycle

If you are a fan of custom motorcycles, you may be considering whether a scrambler motorcycle is right for you. This motorcycle model has a classic and rugged look, which has made it one of the most popular for both on- and off-road use in recent times. All thanks to its lightweight design and robust construction.

Now, you still don’t know what makes a scrambler bike different from the typical traditional models. What is its origin? And its main features? To answer all these questions, keep reading this article. At Mototechno, we will answer all your doubts!

What is the origin of the scrambler motorcycle?

Its origin dates back to the late 1960s, when off-road racing enthusiasts on the Isle of Man decided to be faster than their peers in their “cafe racers”, a race that consisted of seeing who took the least time to get from one cafe to another.

This group of enthusiasts modified and customized standard motorcycles to improve their racing performance. In this way, they could go off-road and thus gain time. They succeeded in creating a motorcycle with a simplified version of the traditional bikes to achieve the current scrambler aesthetics.

And that’s how they created today’s scrambler.

What is a scrambler motorcycle, and what are its characteristics?

Specifically, they are road bikes adapted for off-road use. They are incredibly versatile as well as agile, retro-looking, and lightweight for short-distance use. They can be used both on and off-road.

Commonly known as dirt bikes, scrambler motorcycles have unique specifications geared towards off-road events and sports. As such, they have relatively simple designs with extended suspensions and considerable ground clearance.

Scrambler models generally have 18-inch rear wheels and 21-inch front wheels. Now, what are the differentiating characteristics of this bike?

  • Its tires are knobby.
  • Dual rear shocks
  • Scramblers usually have square-block tires attached to the wheels with spokes.
  • single- or twin-cylinder torque air-cooled engine.
  • High-mounted exhaust pipes. This will keep it from breaking if you get on a rocky road.
  • Small fuel tank to make it lighter.
  • Short and wide seat. It is usually for two people and is well padded.
  • There is enough room around the wheels for the suspension to travel.
  • Padded assembly with a short saddle
  • Small headlamp and indicators.
  • A simplified design: not much decoration, with few dials and indicators.

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Types of scrambler motorcycles

There have been many manufacturers who have opted in recent years for this type of motorcycle. So much so that the offer is wide and varied. And it ranges from 125-cc motorcycles for the A1 license and up to 1,200-cc motorcycles reserved for the A license through intermediate models that can be driven with the A2 license.

Prices range from approximately 2,200 to 15,200 euros. A range of prices that makes scrambler motorcycles vehicles for all kinds of pockets.

If you would like to own a scrambler motorcycle and are considering buying one, choose the one that best suits your needs! Get to know us, and we will offer you the one that best suits you.

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