Practical Tips to Save Gas when Traveling by Motorcycle

Tips to Save Motorcycle Gas

Practical Tips to Save Gas when Traveling by Motorcycle – Did you decide some time ago to buy a motorcycle as a daily commuting solution? Do you simply own one for pleasure and as a two-wheeler enthusiast? Whatever the case may be, what is clear is that riding one is becoming more and more expensive as a result of rising fuel prices.

With fuel prices skyrocketing and no sign of them going down, the only useful solution we can put into practice is to try to save gasoline when we travel on our motorcycle. In this way, we will not only protect the environment, but we will also save a little if we know how to drive it efficiently.

If today you do not know how you can spend less gas driving your motorcycle, in Mototechno, we indicate in this article a series of practical tips to achieve it. Take note of all of them, and you will see how your pocket will notice them!

9 Practical Tips to Save Gas on your Motorcycle

With the following tips, you will be able to spend the minimum necessary amount of gasoline. You will see that many of them will seem very obvious in reality, but in day-to-day life, very few people remember them in order to put them into practice.

Responsible and Sensible Driving: To save gasoline, the first thing to do is to avoid giving gas when starting, since it is more advisable to operate the clutch. Only with this act will we achieve that the engine turns more freely and consumes less.

It is also preferable to use high gears (whenever possible), not to brake sharply, and not to accelerate unnecessarily. Another recommendation to promote fuel savings is to turn off the engine at traffic lights if you are stopped for more than 40 seconds.

1. In the city, take it easy!

If you drive in the city, remember to drive quietly, as stops are constant and it is therefore better to use a gear according to the situation. Otherwise, fuel consumption could shoot up unnecessarily.

2. Take care of the air filter

Check your motorcycle’s air filter frequently enough. A dirty or bad air filter will prevent proper air flow. This will result in the motorcycle burning more fuel than necessary. Therefore, always keep the air filter clean and in perfect condition.

3. Take care of tire pressures

To minimize fuel costs, it is essential to always keep tire pressures properly adjusted. Low or inadequate tire pressures reduce precision and compromise stability. In addition, they cause greater friction with the asphalt, so the motorcycle will have to make more effort to operate, which will mean that more gasoline will be consumed to maintain the desired speed.

4. Avoid leaving the engine running all the time

Fuel will be wasted if the engine is left running while the motorcycle is parked or not in use. Now that many two-wheelers have automatic start buttons, it is easy to achieve fuel savings by keeping this feature in mind.

5. Use high-grade fuel

Using higher-grade gasoline can not only help you get the most out of your fuel, but it also helps keep your engine in better shape by leaving less carbon residue as a result of more refined combustion.

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6. Improves aerodynamics

Did you know that the more wind resistance you offer with your bike, the higher your fuel consumption? Therefore, adopting an aerodynamic position on the bike is a good way to save fuel.

A suitable wind protector is a step in that direction. In addition, it is vital that the rider wear a full-face helmet and avoid baggy, bulky, or loose clothing.

7. Take care of your luggage

If you are not going on a long trip, it is best to remove the rear trunk or side cases. They are not aerodynamic and therefore represent unnecessary extra weight.

8. Take care of your bike’s chain

The motorcycle chain must always be at its optimum tension point and well greased. In the case of being neglected, poorly tensioned, and ungreased, it causes higher fuel consumption.

9. Refueling

Did you know that when refueling, it is not advisable to push the gas lever to the maximum? The faster it comes out, the higher the percentage that turns into steam. In addition, from Maquina Motors, we indicate that as a tip, do not wait to be in reserve to pour fuel, because the less fuel you have in the tank, the more it will evaporate and be more exposed to the heat of the sun and the engine itself.

We hope these Practical Tips to Save Gas when Traveling by Motorcycle help you!

If you have any doubts after reading this article from Mototechno, we recommend that you always seek the advice of an expert. As specialists in the sector, we offer you a technical service in which more than 35 mechanics work to manage revisions and solve breakdowns. Contact us!

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