The New Triumph Street Triple 765 R, RS, and Moto2™ Edition: Discover the Power and Elegance

The wait is over! Triumph Motorcycles has unveiled its latest series of road bikes. The Street Triple 765 series consists of three exciting options: the R, the RS, and the Moto2TM edition. These motorcycles have been designed to take performance to the next level, with unmistakable styling and a powerful engine, providing an exceptional riding experience. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Triumph Street Triple 765:

The Perfect Combination of Power and Agility

NEW STREET TRIPLE 765 MOTO2™ EDITION | Source: Triumph Motorcycle

The new Street Triple 765 features a high-spec inline three-cylinder engine that delivers superior performance to previous models. The R unleashes a total of 120 hp of power, while the Moto2™ edition and RS reach 130 hp of pure adrenaline. All models feature a sport exhaust system that produces a punchy, thrilling sound. In addition, thanks to the quality of the components they are equipped with, they enjoy fast throttle response and excellent braking power.

The Street Triple 765 RS, in particular, features a track-developed engine that delivers faster acceleration and more power. This powerplant features a revised cylinder head that improves fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions, while updated fuel injection ensures faster acceleration and smoother power delivery.

Furthermore, the Moto2™ edition is equipped with a high-spec competitive exhaust system, which has been designed in collaboration with Triumph’s Moto2™ racing team. This system improves exhaust gas flow efficiency and provides an exceptionally exciting sound. In addition, the Moto2™ edition also features a high-performance cylinder head and a racing airbox, which give it increased airflow, thus increasing power and torque.

The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

NEW STREET TRIPLE 765 RS | Source: Triumph Motorcycle

Each Street Triple 765 model has its own visual character. The R is sleek and minimalist, the RS is aggressive and sporty, and the Moto2™ edition is inspired by the world of racing. All three options feature high-quality LED lighting and a TFT instrument panel, which provides clear, easy-to-read information and connectivity with the My Triumph system. Triumph’s new 765 roadsters also come standard with the superb Triumph Shift Assist quick-shift system, which enables fast and smooth gear changes.

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The Perfect Balance of Performance and Comfort

The Street Triple 765 has been designed to provide an exceptional riding experience. The R and RS models feature high-performance adjustable suspension that adapts to different riding styles and terrains. In addition, the RS and Moto2™ editions feature fully adjustable Öhlins suspension, making them ideal for more experienced riders looking for a motorcycle that allows them to reach their full potential on the track.

Street Triple 765 Moto2™ Edition: The Racing Bike for the Street

NEW STREET TRIPLE 765 R | Source: Triumph Motorcycle

Since good things come to those who wait, we have left it for last, but it is no less important. And it is because we cannot fail to highlight the exclusive Triumph Street Triple 765 Moto2™ Edition. This special model is a tribute to Triumph’s participation as sole engine supplier for the Moto2™ World Championship. This limited edition features an exclusive design and a number of performance upgrades that make it the queen of the Street Triple.

The Moto2™ Edition features numerous exclusive high-quality details, among which we can highlight the Arrow exhaust built entirely in titanium, a set of fully adjustable suspension Öhlins, mounting a mono-shock Öhlins STX40 with an independent reservoir on the rear axle, and entrusting the work in the front end to an inverted fork Öhlins NIX30.

In the braking section, the Moto2™ proudly sports an impressive and forceful braking system signed by Brembo, presided over by the famous Brembo Stylema monobloc calipers and the MCS radial pump, also manufactured by the Italian brand. It also incorporates an advanced electronics package, with a bidirectional Quickshifter and five riding modes, as well as traction control and ABS optimized for cornering, among other features.

In short, the new Triumph Street Triple 765 range is one of the most exciting options in the sport motorcycle market. With three different versions, motorcycle enthusiasts can choose the model that best suits their needs and preferences. From the elegance and comfort of the R to the power and performance of the RS to the exclusivity of the Moto2™ Edition, it’s a bike that will leave no one indifferent.

If you are looking for a sporty motorcycle with a unique combination of style, performance, and technology, the Triumph Street Triple 765 is definitely one of the best options to consider.

Each model of the new Street Triple has been designed and built to deliver the ultimate riding experience, from performance and power to comfort and handling. With its unique combination of performance, style, and technology, the Street Triple 765 is a bike that will leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to ride it.

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