KTM 890 SMT 2023: Unleash the Power of Supermoto Over Long Distances

Get ready for an experience only in the world of motorcycles with the incredible KTM 890 SMT 2023. A model that combines ability touring with a performance amazing on the road and a touch inherited from the legendary Supermoto. The result? A KTM that will take you to another level of emotion and performance, offering the best of both worlds in one machine

In this article, we are going to dive into the characteristics, techniques, and innovations that make this motorcycle a prominent option in the market, paving its way to the top of the mid-displacement sport-touring range.

KTM 890 SMT 2023
Source: KTM

Engine and Performance: Power in its purest form

The KTM 890 SMT 2023 is equipped with a twin-parallel engine of 4 times and 889 DC with a maximum power of 105 CV and a pair engine of 100 nm with an incredible dry weight of just 194kg. A motorcycle that provides fast acceleration and an exciting driving experience.

Also, the system of injection electronics and the control of traction (MTC Spin Adjuster) allow precise control of performance in different driving conditions, avoiding uncontrolled lifting of the front wheel and guaranteeing the best possible acceleration. In true Supermoto style, the deposit of gasoline It is designed in such a way that it offers optimum freedom of movement for the pilot, with a total fuel capacity of 15.8 liters and more than 300 kilometers of autonomy.

Suspension and Handling: Mastering the curves

The suspension is a key aspect of any supermotard, and the KTM 890 SMT It does not disappoint in this regard. It has a fork-lead inverted 43mm WP APEX and a monoshock WP APEX with adjustment of preload and cushioning in the back. These high-quality components offer an excellent balance between comfort and performance, allowing the rider to enjoy a smooth and precise ride at all times.

In order to achieve the best grip on the lines, the KTM 890 SMT has the following tires: Michelin PowerGP with a set of tires which translates into a reduction in weight, better manageability, and better behavior.

Security: Full control in all situations

Security is a priority on the 2023 KTM 890 SMT. It has a system of high-quality brakes with two discs of 320mm and J.Juan tweezers radial anchorage permanent 4-piston at the front and a disk of brake rear 260mm driven by a double piston floating caliper, also signed by J.Juan.

The system of anti-blocking brakes (ABS) of the latest generation guarantees safe and controlled braking in all situations. It makes sense that any KTM bearing the SMT name would have the ability to drift whenever you want. That is why this model has a mode called “ABS SUPERMOTO” that allows the rider to lock the rear wheel when needed. It should be noted that, in this mode, the ABS remains active on the front wheel.

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Technology and Connectivity: Innovation at your fingertips

The KTM 890 SMT 2023 comes equipped with a wide range of technological characteristics that enhance the driving experience. It has a new and modern instrumentation with a full TFT of 5 inches that provides clear visibility and offers essential information such as speed, revs, temperature, and selected riding modes. Furthermore, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can access advanced features, such as navigation, music playback, and call management, through the application KTM Connect.

A model that takes to the asphalt is peerless. With all the driving assistance, driving modes, traction control, connectivity, and high-end ABS safety, the technology of this model can still be further expanded with extra functions. Functions like the quick shifter+ and the control cruise can be tested thanks to Mode Demo, which allows you to test these new technologies during the first 1500 km.

Competitive Price

In conclusion, the KTM 890 SMT 2023 is a sports supermoto that combines power, versatility, and technology from the last generation. With its exceptional performance on the road, its ability to face different types of terrain, and its aggressive and modern design, this model is the perfect choice for those who seek unlimited emotions in their adventures on two wheels.

With a competitive price base of €14,275, the KTM 890 SMT offers exceptional value for money.

Don’t wait any longer to experience the new KTM 890 SMT!

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