Kawasaki ZX-6R 2024

The obsession supersport and speed come together in the new Kawasaki ZX-6R, a supersport motorcycle that redefines the limits of excitement on two wheels. Designed with a perfect combination of power, performance and technology of the latest generation, the Kawasaki ZX-6R represents a leap into the future in the world of sports bikes. In this article, we will explore the characteristics highlights of this model and we will discover why it has become one of the most outstanding options for 2024.

High Performance Engine

At the heart of the ZX-6R beats a engine of 4 cylinders online of 636cc, designed to offer exceptional performance in all situations. With an impressive power of 124cv and a maximum with RAM air of 129cvthis bike excels on both open roads and closed circuits.

Thanks to its advanced technology and its excellent relationship weightpower (198kg curb), the ZX-6R delivers the acceleration and speed you need for a sporty driving experience like no other.

New Ninja ZX Style

He design revolutionary of the new Kawasaki ZX-6R takes inspiration from the incredible Ninja ZX-10R, incorporating a image exceptional of a supercar. With their new front and side fairings, they create a design that extends from the head to the tail. The headlights compact and the careful design Front fairings give the Ninja ZX-6R a bold new “face,” while blacked-out engine covers and muffler enhance its supercar image.

Light and Agile Chassis

The ZX-6R features a chassis perimeter in aluminum, manufactured with high quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. This chassis guarantees a great rigidity torsional and excellent stabilityallowing you to take curves with precision and trust. In addition, its optimized geometry and balanced weight distribution improve handling and response, offering total control over the bike in any situation.

High-end suspensions

To guarantee a driving gentle and accurate the ZX-6R is equipped with a fork inverted 41mm (SFF-BP) with rebound damping, compression and preload adjustment on the front suspension. While, in the back, it has a suspension rear Bottom-Link Uni Track, with compression and rebound damping, also adjustable in preload. Some suspensions that allow adapting the setting from the motorcycle to your preferences and to guy of driving you want to do, offering exceptional comfort and a quick response in every curve.

High Performance Brakes

The Kawasaki ZX-6R it comes equipped with an ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) braking system, guaranteeing safe and efficient braking at all times. Count with one Brake Forward 310mm double semi-floating disc, with double caliper with radial pump, monobloc and 4 opposed pistons. While, in the back, it has a Brake rear 220mm single disc.

His pincers Brake monobloc and its discs semi-floating provide exceptional braking power, giving you a elderly trust when dealing with high speed situations. Whether you’re racing on a track or driving on the open road, the ZX-6R brakes they offer the control you need to stop quickly and safely.

Advanced technology

The Kawasaki ZX-6R is equipped with a wide range of technologies advanced that improve both performance and security. It has a system of control of traction (KTRC) of 3 modes, which optimizes traction in different driving conditions. In addition, it offers power modes selectable to suit your preferences and the environment in which you find yourself. It also has a KQS semi-automatic shift system (Kawasaki Quick Shifter), which allows you to change gear without using the clutch, offering even more exciting driving without interruptions, as well as incorporating a slipper clutch system.

Multifunctional Digital Board

The new TFT instrumentation 4.3″ from the ZX-6R it is a window to the future of information integrated into motorcycles. With a high-resolution full-color screen, it offers you all the information essential clearly and easy to read. From speed to engine revs, through temperature and fuel level, you will have all the data necessary within reach of your eyes. A curious fact about this new model is the integration of the “ECO indicator”, a fuel gauge displayed on this instrument panel to indicate reduced fuel consumption. And last but not least, the wireless smartphone connectivity which allows riders to connect their mobile to the motorcycle.

LED lighting

The LED lightning of the ZX-6R not only improvement the visibility on the road, but also adds a touch modern and sophisticated to his appearance. LED headlights, turn signals and taillights ensure a lightning sharp and bright increasing your safety and visibility both day and night.


The new Kawasaki ZX-6R is a real Wonderful technological that redefines the concept of supersports. with his design aggressive with its high-performance engine, lightweight chassis and wide range of advanced technologies, the ZX-6R offers an exceptionally exciting driving experience. Whether you’re racing on the track or enjoying an adventure on the road, this bike ensures you a combination perfect of power, performance and security.

Get ready to experience the future of supersports with the new Kawasaki ZX-6R!

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