Ducati Monster SP 2023 – Technical Sheet and Price

The Monster range expands with the exciting addition of the SP versiondesigned to enhance the fun and the style with its decoration inspired by Moto GP. With a perfect technical equipment for pilots addicted to sports driving, the Monster SP presents the colors 2022 of the official Desmosedici GP team, a fork ohlins NIX30, a muffler approved Termignoni, tweezers front Brembo Stylema® and tires Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV. An authentic supersport kit that makes the Monster SP a motorcycle that you will fall in love with. Are you ready to know more?

Ducati Monster SP 2023

1. Design inspired by MotoGP

The Ducati Monster SP It’s a masterpiece of design no matter where you look at it. Your appearance aggressive is unmistakable, with its lines clean and livery incorporating the 2022 colors of the Desmosedici GP.

He chassis of the Ducati Monster SP takes inspiration from the iconic Panigale V4 model, known for its performance and maneuverability exceptional. Made of aluminum, the frame of the Monster SP is 4.5 kg more light than the trellis frame used on the Monster 821 model. This weight reduction has a significant impact on the agility and the responsiveness of the motorcycle, allowing a more agile and precise in curves and changes of direction. Thanks to this chassis robust the Monster SP offers a more dynamic and exciting handling, giving pilots an experience of driving only and full of adrenalin.

In addition, it has a combination of colors and finishes premium that make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re on the move or just parked, the Monster SP turns heads and leaves an impression that’s easy to remember.

2. Performance and fun

In it heart of the ducati Monster SP you will find a Testastretta 11° engine of 937cc. an engine two cylinders that offers a maximum power of 111 horsepower. The Monster SP accelerates quickly and offers an unbeatable driving experience at all times. Whether you’re in the city or on the highway, this Monster offers you the power and performance to dominate any trail.

3. Fully adjustable suspension

The Ducati Monster SP comes equipped with a Ohlins suspension completely adjustable. A fork, which is 0.6 kg lighter than the one used in the Monster and Monster + models, provides a more comfortable driving sensation. precise and agile. In addition, it raises the height of the bike, which results in a elderly angle of inclination to tackle curves with greater confidence and control.

4. Braking system: Greater performance and agility

The Monster SP’s braking system has been improved to offer superior performance. The tweezers Brembo Stylema® and discs of Brake forwards 320mm, which use aluminum flanges and are 0.5kg lighter than the standard Monster model, provide more stopping power. This improvement not only contributes to a elderly performance when stopping the motorcycle, but also makes it further agile thanks to a reduction in inertia at the front.

5. Steering Damper: Improves stability and performance

The sporting potential of the Monster SP is enhanced by the inclusion of a shock absorber of address. This component improves the stability both when accelerating and cornering, providing a safer and more exciting driving experience.

6. Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tires

The Ducati Monster SP is equipped with the Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tires, recognized as the industry benchmark in terms of performance and grip in sporting conditions. These tires offer a perfect combination of traction, stability and durability ensuring an experience of driving optimal both in tight corners and on high-speed straights. With a specific design for maximize he performance on the road, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV provide a grip exceptional and precise response, allowing you to take full advantage of the Monster SP’s power and maneuverability.

7. Hydraulic Clutch: Smooth and precise

He clutch hydraulic of the Ducati Monster SP is an outstanding feature that guarantees a functioning gentle and accurate at all times. Thanks to its innovative design and the special servo system, the clutch offers a action light and sensitive, reducing the effort required by the pilot by 20% compared to the previous model. The oil bath in which the clutch works provides a lubrication efficient and one decrease of the effect rebound, allowing for faster and more precise gear changes. With this system of clutch advanced the Monster SP offers an effortless driving experience and a control optimum in any situation.

8. Comfort and accessibility for all types of pilots

The height of the saddle is an important factor to consider for any pilot, as it affects the comfort and the trust when riding the motorcycle. In the case of the Ducati Monster SP, the seat is located at a height of 840mm from the ground, providing an upright and commanding riding position. The narrow sides of the bike allow riders to easily reach the ground, which contributes to greater sensation of control and security. Also, for those looking for lower ground clearance, it is offered as accessory a seat with a height reduced from 810 mm, without compromising padding and comfort. With these saddle height options, the Monster SP accommodates different statures and riding preferences, ensuring a comfortable and customized experience for all riders.

9. Electronics from another level

The Ducati Monster SP is equipped with the latest in electronic technology to deliver outstanding performance and safe driving. It has ABS Cornering Ducati Traction Control and Ducati wheelie control, adjustable according to your preferences. Also incorporates Launch Control for quick starts. In addition, the modes of driving Sport, Road and Wet allow you to adapt the bike to your needs. Everything is easily controlled via the handlebar controls and the TFT board 4.3-inch color Experience peak performance in complete safety on the Monster SP.

With these outstanding technical characteristics, the Ducati Monster SP is positioned as a high-performance motorcycle with outstanding features. From its superior quality tires to its hydraulic clutch, adjustable seat height and Panigale V4-inspired chassis, every detail has been carefully designed to deliver exceptional performance and an exhilarating riding experience.

Model available for 35kW version for those who have A2 license!

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