The 6 Best Motorcycle Routes in Barcelona

Barcelona Motorcycle Routes

The 6 Best Motorcycle Routes in Barcelona – Did you know that Barcelona is currently one of the cities in Europe with the most motorcycles? This characteristic leads this territory to have a greater number of adaptations, services, and comforts on route to always offer safe mobility.

The motorcycle is the perfect vehicle to discover, enjoy incredible landscapes, and create quality tourism. Therefore, today at Maquina Motors, we want to expose a series of routes that can be traveled by motorcycle from Barcelona to many destinations in the province.

If you like to know the world by motorcycle, then you will learn how, a few kilometers from the capital, you can find spectacular and exceptional places to ride your motorcycle. Take paper and pen and take note of the best motorcycle routes in Barcelona!

What are the Best Motorcycle Routes in Barcelona?

Barcelona, with its mesmerizing natural beauty and diverse landscapes, is a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts. From towering mountains to beautiful coastlines, Barcelona offers a variety of thrilling adventure routes. In this article, we will delve into the six best motorcycle routes in Barcelona that you must explore.

There is a great variety of routes, but the most outstanding are:

1. Monestir de Montserrat

Our first route takes you to Monestir de Montserrat, a monastery nestled amidst the stunning Montserrat mountains. It is a highly sought-after destination among motorcycle riders due to the incredible vistas you can enjoy during the journey. The winding roads through these mountains will provide you with an unforgettable riding experience.

There are less than 70 kilometers between the city of Barcelona and Montserrat. This route is currently one of the most captivating road itineraries in the province of Barcelona and leads to a symbol of Catalonia: the abbey of Montserrat.

The road to reach this place is full of curves but very suitable for traveling by motorcycle, as it passes through the towns of Olesa de Montserrat, Esparreguera, Collbató, and El Bruc.

2. Montseny

For those seeking an impressive motorcycle route, Montseny is the perfect choice. Montseny National Park is a natural paradise consisting of lush green forests and breathtaking landscapes. You’ll enjoy a journey through winding roads that encircle the mountains and picturesque lakes.

Curvy road through forests and wooded areas in the middle of mountainous terrain. These are the landscapes that make the Barcelona-Montseny route a route that will not disappoint any biker.

The Montseny natural park, located between the regions of Vallés, Osona, and La Seva, is less than 70 kilometers from the center of Barcelona. In addition, if you are a fan of motorcycling competition, you can make a stop in Seva to visit the monument of Lex Crivillé, a two-time world motorcycling champion who is a native of this region.

3. Garraf Park

The third route leads to Garraf Park, which offers spectacular sea views and a journey through dramatic cliffs and sandy beaches. The roads winding along the coast will provide you with an unmatched riding experience.

This is a short itinerary, but it is very refreshing. There is nothing like breathing the air of Garraf Park, one of the most important green lungs of the province of Barcelona. This natural area is one of the most important ecological reserves in Catalonia, as it has an area of about 13,000 hectares between the regions of Bajo Llobregat, Alto Penedés, and Garraf.

Along its route along the C-32, you can contemplate the Mediterranean Sea. Also, on this route, it is worth completing the route with a visit to Olivella and Sant Pere de Rives and then returning to Barcelona through Sitges to resume the same road.

4. Cadaqués

For an unforgettable coastal experience, you can head to Cadaqués, a beautiful fishing village located on the Costa Brava. Your journey will be adorned with stunning sea views and winding roads that captivate the senses. It is a long and ambitious route, as it will cover much of the Costa Brava to finish in one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

Although the fastest way to reach Cadaqués from Barcelona is by taking the AP-7 to Figueras, we look for a slightly less crowded and more seductive route for our bike: the mythical N-II that runs along part of the coast. Its long route allows us to reach Cadaqués, the white village of Dal on the edge of Cape Creus, the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula, one of the best places to spend our restorative weekend bike ride.

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5. Collserola mountain range

If you prefer mountain routes close to the city, the Collserola Mountain Range is the perfect choice. Located just outside Barcelona, these mountains offer incredible vistas. You can explore winding forested roads and enjoy panoramic views of the city of Barcelona.

It is one of the most entertaining routes in Catalonia. A destination of great beauty and altitude, and you can enjoy beautiful views of the city. In addition, on this route, the biker can stop to visit some popular destinations in the region, such as Sitges, Reus, or Tarragona.

6. Montjuïc

Last but not least is Montjuïc. This hill in Barcelona offers outstanding city views and a range of interesting attractions, including palaces and beautiful gardens. A trip to Montjuïc will allow you to delve into the history and culture of Barcelona.

It is one of the favorite destinations for tourists if you are in Barcelona. Thanks to its route, you can find unique and unbeatable views of the city. If you decide to ride this route with a motorcycle, you can go to the walls of the castle of Montjuc and enjoy the best view of the port of Barcelona.

On your journey to Barcelona, make sure to check road conditions and driving requirements. Always prioritize safety and use protective gear. Enjoy your motorcycle adventure in Barcelona, and savor the extraordinary natural beauty and culture at every twist and turn of the road. Safe riding!

Which of all the routes that we have presented is the one that has caught your attention? And, above all, before leaving, check that your bike is in optimal condition.

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