The 5 Best 125cc Motorcycles: Sports and Naked Bike 2023

If you are passionate about motorcycles, sports, and naked Surely you have wondered what the best 125 motorcycles are on the market this year. In this blog, we are going to introduce you to the 5 best 125cc motorcycles—sports and naked—for 2023. Join us to discover what features make them unique and why you should consider them for your next purchase.

Before starting, it is important to note that all the 125-cc sports bikes presented meet the necessary requirements to be considered sports bikes. They have powerful engines, robust chassis, and aerodynamic designs that allow them to reach high speeds.

Below, here are the top five motorcycles 125cc 2023:

1. KTM RC 125

KTM RC 125

The KTM RC 125 is a 125-cc motorcycle sports car that offers high performance on the road. Its design is inspired by the MotoGP™ and has a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve engine capable of reaching a power maximum of 15 hp. In addition, it has a chassis of steel microlight, which provides great rigidity and stability in curves.

One of the most notable features of the KTM RC 125 is its system of brakes, with discs on both wheels and SUPERMOTO ABS as standard, which provides safe and effective braking in any situation. In addition, it has a suspension lead inverted WP APEX with a 43mm travel, which gives it excellent shock absorption capacity.

Another aspect to highlight about the KTM RC 125 is its panel of instruments, which is fully digital and has information on speed, rpm, gear engaged, and fuel level. In addition, it has a system of lightning LEDs on all lights, providing excellent visibility on the road.

In summary, the KTM RC 125 is a 125cc sports bike that offers high performance and excellent maneuverability on the highway, with a design that is aggressive and will not go unnoticed. If you are passionate about sports bikes, this is an excellent option for you.

2. Kawasaki Ninja 125

Kawasaki Ninja 125

The Kawasaki Ninja 125 is the dream of all pilots: a 125 sports bike designed to offer exceptional performance on the road. With a striking appearance and advanced technology, the Ninja 125 is the perfect bike for the most demanding riders.

The Kawasaki Ninja 125 has a single cylinder engine that is four times liquid-cooled, with a displacement of 125 cc. This engine offers a power maximum of 11 kW (15 hp) at 10,000 rpm and a torque maximum of 11.7 Nm at 7,700 rpm.

This 125 cc motorcycle has a chassis of tubular diamond in steel of high resistance, which stands out for its great rigidity and stability in driving. Plus, its 37mm telescopic fork on the suspension lead and the Uni-Trak System with gas suspension and adjustable preload at the rear ensure a smooth and confident ride at all times.

The Kawasaki Ninja 125 also features a system of disc brakes on both wheels, giving you excellent braking capacity in any situation. In addition, its ABS braking system is standard, which further improves driving safety.

Regarding the transmission, the motorcycle has a gearbox with six speeds, which allows a smooth and precise change of gears. The instrumentation is completely digital and includes a gear indicator and an ERGO-FIT system that allows a wide range of riders to adapt the geometry of their motorcycle to their physical characteristics.

In short, the Kawasaki Ninja 125 is one of the top 125cc motorcycles with high quality, a powerful engine, chassis resistance, and advanced technology in the instrumentation and systems braking, which make it an excellent option for lovers of sports motorcycles and adrenaline on the road.



The Honda CB125R is a 125-cc sports bike that offers an exciting and versatile riding experience. His DOHC single-cylinder engine is four times more powerful with liquid cooling. It has a 124.9-cc engine that offers a maximum power of 11 kW (15 CV) at 10,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 11.6 Nm at 8,000 rpm. Top speed increases to 120 km/h, with precise throttle response throughout the rev range thanks to PGM-FI fuel injection.

The CB125R also has an inside pivot diamond frame of high quality that offers excellent maneuverability. Adding to the engine upgrade is the Showa SFF-BP 41mm upside-down front fork, a high-quality component that offers more precise steering and control. A model that has large tires and a radial-mounted front brake caliper with ABS management, which guarantees safe and effective braking in any situation.

As for the design, the CB125R presents a sporty and aggressive style with sharp lines and vibrant colors that make it stand out on the road. It also has a digital LCD, easy-to-read gauge that provides important information on speed, gear, and fuel level.

In short, the Honda CB125R is a 125-cc sports bike that offers a unique combination of power, maneuverability, and style. It is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced drivers looking for an exciting and safe driving experience.

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4. KTM DUKE 125


The KTM Duke 125 2023 is a 125cc naked and sporty motorcycle that delivers a truly sporty driving experience. Despite being the smallest model in the range, the KTM 125 Duke is by no means a children’s bike. Her attitude is just as strong as that of her older sisters, which is reflected in her image.

Count with one engine single cylinder of four times 124.7 cc liquid cooled. A model that can achieve a power maximum of 15 hp at 9,500 rpm. In addition, it has a system of electronic fuel injection, ensuring smooth and efficient power delivery.

As for his transmission The 2023 KTM Duke 125 comes equipped with a six-speed gearbox that allows you to change gear precisely and quickly. In addition, the bike has a mechanically actuated multi-disc clutch system in an oil bath, which prevents the rear wheel from locking during sudden braking or downshifting.

As for the chassis, the 2023 KTM Duke 125 features a tubular steel design with an aluminum swingarm. This provides a rigid and resistant structure, which translates into optimal cornering stability and precise maneuverability in low-speed situations.

The suspension lead and rear of the 2023 KTM Duke 125 are completely adjustable, allowing the driver to customize the settings to suit their driving preferences and the terrain. The fork leads The inverted WP APEX 43 has a 43mm diameter and offers 142mm of travel, while the WP APEX rear shock has 150mm of travel.

Referring to security The 2023 KTM Duke 125 features a system of ABS brakes that guarantees powerful and safe braking in any situation. The brakes forward disc and four-piston caliper with radial anchorage have a diameter of 320 mm, while the brakes rear disc and floating caliper with one piston have a diameter of 230 mm.

In short, the 2023 KTM Duke 125 is a 125 cc motorcycle that is naked, sporty, and rugged and offers an exciting and customizable driving experience. With its powerful and efficient engine,  smooth and precise transmission,  stiff chassis, and fully adjustable suspension, this bike is an excellent option for those looking for a high-quality naked bike to enjoy on roads and cities.



The Suzuki GSX-R125 is one of the newest 125-cc sports bikes on the market, designed to offer the highest performance in its category.

Count with one engine: a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve DOHC, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that offers a maximum power of 15 hp at 10,000 rpm. The motorcycle has a steel chassis and one suspension lead with telescopic damping by coil spring and hydraulic cartridge, while the suspension rear has  hydraulic damping by rods. The system of brakes has petal discs on both wheels and ABS. The design of the motorcycle is aggressive and sporty, with aerodynamic lines and a raised rear end.

One of the outstanding features of the Suzuki GSX-R125 is its high performance on the highway. Thanks to your powerful engine and your aerodynamic design, this bike is capable of reaching high speeds with ease. In addition, the inverted front suspension and disc brakes on both wheels provide excellent stability and security on any type of terrain.

Another advantage of the Suzuki GSX-R125 is its advanced technology. The motorcycle has a panel of instrument LCDs that display real-time information such as speed, rev level, and fuel level. It also has a system of high-energy LEDs that provide excellent visibility both day and night.

In short, if you are looking for the best 125cc bikes, Combining performance, safety, and advanced technology, the Suzuki GSX-R125 is an excellent option to consider for your next purchase.

In conclusion, these are the five best 125-cc motorcycles by 2023. Each offers excellent performance on the road, with characteristics that make them stand out. Whether you’re looking for a sporty 125cc bike with an aggressive design, advanced technology, or exciting driving, these options have something to offer. However, before making a purchase decision, be sure to consider your personal needs and budget to find the bike that best suits you.

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